Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2019

Hello everyone! I’m happy to be able to help facilitate this year’s New & Relocated Faculty List, also known as Chemistry Bumper Cars. This has been a tradition since it first appeared on Chembark and, most recently, Just Like Cooking — since SAO is getting a little busy these days, I figured I’d step in and host the list until he has the bandwidth to resume.

Alright, so here’s how it works: we’re looking to keep track of new hires in chemistry departments worldwide, both at the assistant faculty level and for senior hires. Please do leave a comment or DM me on Twitter if you hear about such a new hire and I’ll add it to the list!Image result for new arrival


Things I will be doing differently this year:

Since hiring decisions, especially at the senior level, are such a sensitive subject, I will be a little more judicious about what constitutes “confirmation” than in years past and what bar something has to pass to be put on the actual post. If there’s a webpage stating it, I can confirm with the actual candidate, or I have a suitably authoritative source, I’ll put it up there, otherwise I’ll do a little more digging!

Also, if you would like me to include a link to your lab webpage, please let me know!

Last updated Wednesday, May 20, 2019 – those added in most recent update are in bold.


  • Jacobi von Wangelin (Regensburg to Hamburg) Lab website
  • Ulrich Hennecke (Münster to VUB) source – thanks Joachim!
  • Dave Leitch (GlaxoSmithKline to University of Victoria) source
  • Ramesh Giri (UNM to Penn State) source – thanks Mike!
  • Frederic William Patureau (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern to RWTH Aachen) source
  • Emily Pentzer (Case Western to Texas A&M) source
  • Vlad Gevorgyan (UIC to UT Dallas) source
  • Timothy Berkelbach (Chicago to Columbia) source
  • Michael Mock (PNNL to Montana State) source – thanks Demyan!
  • Sarah O’Connor (John Innes Center to Max Planck Institute) source
  • Matthew Becker (U. Akron to Duke) source
  • Amir Hoveyda (Boston College to Strasbourg) source
  • Douglas Weibel (UW Madison to Amazon) source 
  • David Martin (UC Riverside to Iowa) source
  • Baron Peters (UC Santa Barbara to UIUC) source
  • Eric Davis (Azusa Pacific to Whitworth University) source
  • Florence Williams (Alberta to U. Iowa) source
  • Erin Whitteck (Saint Louis University to U. Missouri Saint Louis) source
  • Marilyne Stains (U. Nebraska to UVa) source
  • Cliff Stains (U. Nebraska to UVa) source
  • Paul Robustelli (D.E. Shaw to Dartmouth) source
  • Samuel Pazicni (UNH to University of Wisconsin) source
  • Alanna Schepartz (Yale to UC Berkeley) source


New Hires

  • Thomas Osberger (Cal Poly Pomona) source
  • Gabriel Rudebusch (Eastern Michigan University) source – thanks Jeff!
  • Christopher Teskey (RWTH Aachen) Lab website
  • Meg Breen (Furman University) source
  • Ben Brandsen (Creighton University) source – thanks Scott!
  • PA Champagne (NJIT) source
  • Demyan Prokopchuk (Rutgers) source
  • Caitlin McMahon (UNC Asheville) Confirmed by direct message with Caitlin
  • Kate Waldie (Rutgers) source
  • Levi Ekanger (TCNJ) source
  • Eric Nacsa (Penn State) source
  • Marcus Drover (Windsor) source – thanks Christine!
  • Amanda Bongers (Queens University) source
  • Maia Popova (UNC Greensboro) source
  • Rachel Saylor (Oberlin) source, unconfirmed
  • Courtney Roberts (UMinnesota) source
  • Rose Kennedy (Rochester) source
  • Doran Bennett (SMU Dedman) source
  • Daniel Tabor (Texas A&M) source
  • Julian West (Rice) source
  • Junqi Li (Iowa State) source
  • Alexander Gundlach-Graham (Iowa State) source
  • Dianne Xiao (University of Washington) source
  • Alex Zhukhovitskiy (UNC) source
  • Andy Nguyen (University of Illinois Chicago) source
  • Steven Pellizzeri (Eastern Illinois University) source
  • Michael Beck (Eastern Illinois University) source
  • Matt Golder (University of Washington) source
  • Chenjie Zheng (University of Florida) source
  • Keith Searles (University of Florida) source
  • Steven Harris (University of Florida) source
  • Stefanie Habenichts (University of Florida) source
  • Alix Rexford (University of Florida) source
  • Nicole Lapeyrouse (University of Florida) source
  • Alexander Forse (University of Cambridge) source
  • Valerie Vassier Welborn (Virginia Tech) source
  • Emily Mevers (Virginia Tech) source
  • Amanda Turek (Williams College) source
  • Patti Zhang (WPI) source
  • Kyle Blegasiewicz (Arizona State University) source
  • Mark Levin (U. Chicago) source
  • Ramon Miranda Quintana (University of Florida) source
  • Sid Creutz (Mississippi State University) source
  • Fei Zhang (Rutgers Newark) source
  • Yang Yang (UW Madison) source
  • Ka Un Lao (Virginia Commonwealth University) source
  • Farnaz Shakib (NJIT) source
  • George Burslem (UPenn) source
  • Anya Gryn’ova (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies) confirmed with Anya via DM
  • Martin Peeks (UNSW) source (it’s in the news on the right, which for some reason can’t be directly linked to)
  • Gang Li (Utah State University) confirmed by DM with USU faculty member
  • Jihye Park (University of Colorado Boulder) source
  • Suchol Savagatrup (U Arizona) source
  • C. Michael McGuirk (Colorado School of Mines) source
  • Brian Gold (University of New Mexico) source
  • Stephanie Valleau (University of Washington) source
  • Byoungmoo Kim (Clemson University) source
  • Jonathan De Roo (University of Basel) source
  • Christine Le (University of New Mexico) source
  • Maggie He (U Arkansas) source
  • Ariel Furst (MIT) source
  • Tim Su (UC Riverside) source
  • Mei Shen (UIUC) source
  • Angad Mehta (UIUC) source
  • Joslynn Lee (Fort Lewis College) source
  • Silvana Konermann (Stanford) source
  • Andrew Kehr (Loras College) source
  • Caitlin Davis (Yale) source
  • Tatiana Mishanina (UCSD) source
  • Mark Herzik (UCSD) source
  • Xiao Su (UIUC) source
  • Julia Widom (University of Oregon) source
  • James Eagan (U. Akron) source
  • Fardin Khabaz (U. Akron) source
  • Chunming Liu (U. Akron) source
  • Weinan Xu (U. Akron) source
  • Eloise Dray (UT San Antonio) source
  • Young Kwon (UT San Antonio) source
  • James Daley (UT San Antonio) source
  • Bernard Fongang (UT San Antonio) source
  • Diana Ceballos (Boston University) source
  • Heidi Hendrickson (Lafayette) source
  • Miguel Angel Méndez Polanco (Lafayette) source
  • Christopher Walsh (Lafayette) source
  • Ben Thuronyi (Williams) source
  • Jarrett Wilcoxen (UW-Milwaukee) source
  • Julian Silverman (Manhattan College) source
  • Alex Pinto (Manhattan College) source
  • Chao Luo (George Mason University) source

47 thoughts on “Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2019

  1. Ka Un Lao is the new hire at VCU

      1. Whoa. What’s the story there? Google X->Amazon as a tenured chem/biochem professor is a pretty unusual path

      1. I am not in that department but I did hear from our colleagues that she has accepted an offer in our Med Chem department.

  2. Jarett Wilcoxen (Russ Hille PhD, Dave Britt Postdoc) is starting at UW-Milwaukee

  3. Julian Silverman and Alex Pinto will be joining Manhattan College


  4. Paul Robustelli from D.E. Shaw to Dartmouth (I’m guessing chemistry, but unsure).

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