Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2019

Hello everyone! I’m happy to be able to help facilitate this year’s New & Relocated Faculty List, also known as Chemistry Bumper Cars. This has been a tradition since it first appeared on Chembark and, most recently, Just Like Cooking — since SAO is getting a little busy these days, I figured I’d step in and host the list until he has the bandwidth to resume.

Alright, so here’s how it works: we’re looking to keep track of new hires in chemistry departments worldwide, both at the assistant faculty level and for senior hires. Please do leave a comment or DM me on Twitter if you hear about such a new hire and I’ll add it to the list!Image result for new arrival


Things I will be doing differently this year:

Since hiring decisions, especially at the senior level, are such a sensitive subject, I will be a little more judicious about what constitutes “confirmation” than in years past and what bar something has to pass to be put on the actual post. If there’s a webpage stating it, I can confirm with the actual candidate, or I have a suitably authoritative source, I’ll put it up there, otherwise I’ll do a little more digging!

Also, if you would like me to include a link to your lab webpage, please let me know!

Last updated Wednesday, May 20, 2019 – those added in most recent update are in bold.


  • Jacobi von Wangelin (Regensburg to Hamburg) Lab website
  • Ulrich Hennecke (Münster to VUB) source – thanks Joachim!
  • Dave Leitch (GlaxoSmithKline to University of Victoria) source
  • Ramesh Giri (UNM to Penn State) source – thanks Mike!
  • Frederic William Patureau (Technische Universität Kaiserslautern to RWTH Aachen) source
  • Emily Pentzer (Case Western to Texas A&M) source
  • Vlad Gevorgyan (UIC to UT Dallas) source
  • Timothy Berkelbach (Chicago to Columbia) source
  • Michael Mock (PNNL to Montana State) source – thanks Demyan!
  • Sarah O’Connor (John Innes Center to Max Planck Institute) source
  • Matthew Becker (U. Akron to Duke) source
  • Amir Hoveyda (Boston College to Strasbourg) source
  • Douglas Weibel (UW Madison to Amazon) source 
  • David Martin (UC Riverside to Iowa) source
  • Baron Peters (UC Santa Barbara to UIUC) source
  • Eric Davis (Azusa Pacific to Whitworth University) source
  • Florence Williams (Alberta to U. Iowa) source
  • Erin Whitteck (Saint Louis University to U. Missouri Saint Louis) source
  • Marilyne Stains (U. Nebraska to UVa) source
  • Cliff Stains (U. Nebraska to UVa) source
  • Paul Robustelli (D.E. Shaw to Dartmouth) source
  • Samuel Pazicni (UNH to University of Wisconsin) source
  • Alanna Schepartz (Yale to UC Berkeley) source


New Hires

  • Thomas Osberger (Cal Poly Pomona) source
  • Gabriel Rudebusch (Eastern Michigan University) source – thanks Jeff!
  • Christopher Teskey (RWTH Aachen) Lab website
  • Meg Breen (Furman University) source
  • Ben Brandsen (Creighton University) source – thanks Scott!
  • PA Champagne (NJIT) source
  • Demyan Prokopchuk (Rutgers) source
  • Caitlin McMahon (UNC Asheville) Confirmed by direct message with Caitlin
  • Kate Waldie (Rutgers) source
  • Levi Ekanger (TCNJ) source
  • Eric Nacsa (Penn State) source
  • Marcus Drover (Windsor) source – thanks Christine!
  • Amanda Bongers (Queens University) source
  • Maia Popova (UNC Greensboro) source
  • Rachel Saylor (Oberlin) source, unconfirmed
  • Courtney Roberts (UMinnesota) source
  • Rose Kennedy (Rochester) source
  • Doran Bennett (SMU Dedman) source
  • Daniel Tabor (Texas A&M) source
  • Julian West (Rice) source
  • Junqi Li (Iowa State) source
  • Alexander Gundlach-Graham (Iowa State) source
  • Dianne Xiao (University of Washington) source
  • Alex Zhukhovitskiy (UNC) source
  • Andy Nguyen (University of Illinois Chicago) source
  • Steven Pellizzeri (Eastern Illinois University) source
  • Michael Beck (Eastern Illinois University) source
  • Matt Golder (University of Washington) source
  • Chenjie Zheng (University of Florida) source
  • Keith Searles (University of Florida) source
  • Steven Harris (University of Florida) source
  • Stefanie Habenichts (University of Florida) source
  • Alix Rexford (University of Florida) source
  • Nicole Lapeyrouse (University of Florida) source
  • Alexander Forse (University of Cambridge) source
  • Valerie Vassier Welborn (Virginia Tech) source
  • Emily Mevers (Virginia Tech) source
  • Amanda Turek (Williams College) source
  • Patti Zhang (WPI) source
  • Kyle Biegasiewicz (Arizona State University) source
  • Mark Levin (U. Chicago) source
  • Ramon Miranda Quintana (University of Florida) source
  • Sid Creutz (Mississippi State University) source
  • Fei Zhang (Rutgers Newark) source
  • Yang Yang (UW Madison) source
  • Ka Un Lao (Virginia Commonwealth University) source
  • Farnaz Shakib (NJIT) source
  • George Burslem (UPenn) source
  • Anya Gryn’ova (Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies) confirmed with Anya via DM
  • Martin Peeks (UNSW) source (it’s in the news on the right, which for some reason can’t be directly linked to)
  • Gang Li (Utah State University) confirmed by DM with USU faculty member
  • Jihye Park (University of Colorado Boulder) source
  • Suchol Savagatrup (U Arizona) source
  • C. Michael McGuirk (Colorado School of Mines) source
  • Brian Gold (University of New Mexico) source
  • Stephanie Valleau (University of Washington) source
  • Byoungmoo Kim (Clemson University) source
  • Jonathan De Roo (University of Basel) source
  • Christine Le (University of New Mexico) source
  • Maggie He (U Arkansas) source
  • Ariel Furst (MIT) source
  • Tim Su (UC Riverside) source
  • Mei Shen (UIUC) source
  • Angad Mehta (UIUC) source
  • Joslynn Lee (Fort Lewis College) source
  • Silvana Konermann (Stanford) source
  • Andrew Kehr (Loras College) source
  • Caitlin Davis (Yale) source
  • Tatiana Mishanina (UCSD) source
  • Mark Herzik (UCSD) source
  • Xiao Su (UIUC) source
  • Julia Widom (University of Oregon) source
  • James Eagan (U. Akron) source
  • Fardin Khabaz (U. Akron) source
  • Chunming Liu (U. Akron) source
  • Weinan Xu (U. Akron) source
  • Eloise Dray (UT San Antonio) source
  • Young Kwon (UT San Antonio) source
  • James Daley (UT San Antonio) source
  • Bernard Fongang (UT San Antonio) source
  • Diana Ceballos (Boston University) source
  • Ben Thuronyi (Williams) source
  • Jarrett Wilcoxen (UW-Milwaukee) source
  • Julian Silverman (Manhattan College) source
  • Alex Pinto (Manhattan College) source
  • Chao Luo (George Mason University) source

68 thoughts on “Chemistry Bumper Cars, 2019

  1. Levi Ekanger is a new hire at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ).

  2. Ka Un Lao is the new hire at VCU

  3. Doug Weibel left UW-Madison for Amazon last year. It doesn’t look like it has been covered yet.

      1. Whoa. What’s the story there? Google X->Amazon as a tenured chem/biochem professor is a pretty unusual path

  4. Looks like Farnaz A. Shakib to NJIT.

      1. I am not in that department but I did hear from our colleagues that she has accepted an offer in our Med Chem department.

  5. Jarett Wilcoxen (Russ Hille PhD, Dave Britt Postdoc) is starting at UW-Milwaukee

  6. Julian Silverman and Alex Pinto will be joining Manhattan College


  7. Paul Robustelli from D.E. Shaw to Dartmouth (I’m guessing chemistry, but unsure).

  8. FYI:
    Miguel Angel Méndez Polanco (Lafayette)
    Christopher Walsh (Lafayette)
    These were just visiting positions and they are no longer there. In addition, Heidi is starting her 3rd year, so the Lafayette information is out of date.

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