Come visit me at ACS Boston

Dear all who will be at the National Meeting next week:

If you’re interested in hearing about some sweet, sweet low-valent cobalt chemistry, you will have three (3!) separate opportunities to visit me and hear about my graduate work. 

Editor’s note: Autocorrect does not play well with chemistry terms. Thanks to E for pointing out that I had no intention of commenting on the latent talent of my complexes! 😉

I am giving two posters on the role of temperature-gated conformational dynamics in Co(I) catalysis on Monday night at Sci-Mix and again at the INOR poster session on Wednesday evening (poster # INOR 774, probably true for both poster sessions but certainly the latter). Come see me at Sci-Mix–there’s beer at that one!!!

I am also giving a talk on our newest work in forming wildly encumbered C–C bonds with cobalt catalysts (seriously, you should see some of these products I’ve made. They’re bonkers) during the Division of Inorganic Chemistry’s Organometallic Chemistry: Catalysis session. I’ll be the first talk up after lunch at 1:30p in Room 160A.

Stay tuned, if my CBC-themed swag comes in before I leave for Boston, I’ll try to arrange a give-away at my posters!


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