Some cool Findings updates

Just a note to anyone who is using or was on the fence about using Findings after my review earlier this year, they have just updated the software with some new features, the most prominent of which include being able to include tables (a welcome addition) and set timers on the fly within the text, which also allows for timestamping updates and other actions. More features are still promised, and I’m still very happy with the software. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go on over to their website. For the record, I’m not being compensated for this plug in anyway; they didn’t even tell me about this update, so you can take this as an unbiased recommendation, as are all of my reviews.

Stay tuned for the first of my “grad school mediator” posts, coming up soon. For those that ask for privacy during the process, I’ve been letting things resolve themselves as best as possible with some additional time to help protect anonymity before posting, so I’m only now getting to the point where the first one is in a position to be published.

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