A love letter to my glovebox

Dear Glovebox,

I’ve only had you for a few months now, but I think it’s time I go public with the way I’m feeling. I love working with you.



Now, I know some people say that you’re “over-the-top,” but that’s what I love about you. Sure, not everyone has a glovebox, so I will eventually have to demonstrate reactions on the Schlenck line. That said, setting up a screen with air sensitive reagents and NOT having to deal with N2 balloons, umbrellas, or other methods of keeping things safe is the greatest thing. I can’t remember what it’s like to use BuLi as a solution anymore; weighing it out as a solid is the single easiest thing I can think of!

So, this is my way of thanking you, glovebox, for making my life that much easier and for allowing me to discover chemistry I wouldn’t otherwise be able to observe without a pristine atmosphere. You let me revel in my OCD concerning reagent purity, and that’s never a bad thing!

For those who don’t understand my love, see this macrocrystalline sample of LiHMDS:


Pretty, right? I’m not sure I could ever have conceived of isolating this outside of the glovebox!

Yours truly,


Below the cut, some more pictures of pretty things from the box that I have lying about. Most often, I take pictures because my advisor is constantly asking what color my products are. :face palm:

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